I have practiced yoga around the world and there is nothing more meaningful than practicing in India. Especially with a skilled and thoughtful teacher. If you are lucky, and paying attention, the day starts hearing the call to prayer, seeing the sun rise, visiting the hanuman temple and then stepping into Namrata's beautiful Mangalorian-tiled yoga shala. As a committed practionner herself, Namrata is aware of balancing a strong, sweet and graceful vinyasa flow available to all levels of yogis - from beginners to more advanced students. Namratha's classes include a mix of pranayama and asana. She always surprises me with the variety of sequences which build capacity and offer peace. The occasional class that moves to the beat of a tabla player and instructions to complete 108 suryamanaskaras will leave you walking on sunshine the rest of the day - it's not to be missed. 

Tracy Ann Curtis
Student Executive Coach & External consultant


I look forward to Namrata’s classes each week as it is a fantastic session of self discovery physically and, more importantly for me, mentally. I always leave the class relaxed and energised.  No two classes are the same which keeps it interesting and balanced. She is quick to assess our strengths and weaknesses and adapts the instructions accordingly.  There is a sense of comfort and inclusiveness from all students irrespective of the level of proficiency.  I am really happy with the levels of progress made since joining her classes! The classes are made even more special as they are conducted in a sublime hall with a high terracotta tiled roof and elevating music playing in the background.

Jude Koshy
Entrepreneur & Restaurateur 


Namrata has a beautiful balance of allowing you your space for your practice and guiding you through an authentic Hatha practice, with subtle corrections and encouragement. 

Jade Devenish


 Namrata is an excellent yoga teacher. She articulates her knowledge masterfully both in the manner with which she demonstrates the poses and with her choice of words. It's a pleasure to take her class. I feel like I have found my yoga bliss! 

 Dr Sujata K Shetty
Life Coach & Mint Wellness Columnist


It's difficult to find a teacher who is able to balance a yoga class so that it's not too boring or too challenging. Namrata's classes are a unique blend of possibility and practicality.From many years of practice ,she is able to convey these in a clear and surprising way.I always end up feeling energised  and refreshed

Neha Makhija 
Research Assistant 


What I love most about Namrata’s yoga class is the shavasana at the end. Corny! I hear you groan. We’ve all heard that one before, right? Except, I don’t mean it as a pleasant little cat nap, but the absolute stillness of mind after an hour of gentle but intensive physical exertion. The mind is an empty, dark stage across which fully formed thoughts dance lightly, one by one. An insight, perhaps, or an answer to a niggling question. The space for creativity this one hour opens up is one of the most profound joys of Namrata’s yoga sessions at Smriti Nandan, for me.

Namrata leads the class so skilfully from one asana to the next that you don’t realise the exact moment you have turned into a contortion artist - until you actually see yourself as a King Pigeon in the Ekapadarajakapota asana, that is! 

Nila Badami


I have been doing yoga with Namrata for many years now, and with each year she has helped me stretch, reach, twist and turn to positions I never thought possible!! Namrata is an amazing teacher.each class has a unique flow of asanas, pranayama and lovely music all adding up to an amazing yoga experience. The class makes me feel energised, worked out and upbeat for the rest of the day!

Rachna Suri