Nikaya Yoga's
Bhutan Retreat

SEPTEMBER 29th - OCTOBER 6th, 2018

Yoga Bhutan is a 7-night retreat hosted by Nikaya Yoga and is designed to take your wellness experience to new heights.
Travel to Bhutan in our care and practice your Yoga and meditation in some of the most serene and spiritual locations
in the world. The properties chosen for this retreat are serene locations that will enhance your state of calm and sense of belonging. 
Attain a higher levelpracticing Yoga in a more focused light with Yoga sessions at your retreat and on mountain passes.
See Bhutan through a calm and meditative state. Indulge in traditional healing processes and traditional foods.
Learn the art of Mandala painting and local cuisine. We are on hand to help guide, support and help you at all times. 


Nikaya Yoga Bhutan Highlights:

• Traditional Foods
• Sulphur baths
• Learn traditional games & folklore.
• Lots of yoga!!

• Visiting key Bhutan areas : 
Paro, Punakha & Thimpu and key spots.
• Hikes, walks and meditations at key locations.
• Mandala Painting
• River Rafting

Bhutan Retreat Accommodation & Rates

The Nikaya Yoga Bhutan retreat offers flexible rates for both individuals and groups.
In association with Treton, Bhutan, we ensure the best of Bhutan, with professionals from start to finish.
Kindly fill out the form below with your details and requirements and we will get back to you with ASAP.

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Namrata Sudhindra, Teacher of Hatha
Yoga has been practicing yoga for the
last 15 years. Trained in the classical
Hatha Yoga Style, her first teacher was from the Bihar school and has been
hugely influential in Namrata’s style of practice. Having also studied at and attained a Teacher’s Certificate from
The Vivekananda University (SVYASA), Namrata has her degree in advanced
Hatha Yoga from Yoga Master Bharat Shetty in Mysore. Her dedication and constant thirst for learning has seen her practice with some great teachers from around the world like Manuso Manuso, Shiva Rea, Tara Stiles, Mohan Bhandari, Gulnaaz and Bharat Shetty.

Bhutan Yoga Retreat

Prepare for your retreat in Bhutan

The Land of the Thunder Dragon is one of the most beautiful yet remote and inaccessible countries in the world. So whether you’re going on a short hike in the lowlands or challenging yourself to an epic high-altitude trek, you need to prepare yourself for the raw wilderness and harsh conditions that any traveller to Bhutan faces.

Before the trip, be sure to evaluate your fitness level and check with your doctor whether the trek suits your health conditions. If you’re attempting a high-altitude trek (anything above 2,440m (8,000 ft), it’s a good idea to go for a mountaineering consultation at an altitude centre if there is one near you. These centres often conduct hypoxic training sessions where you will have the opportunity to exercise in oxygen-reduced air.

It is advisable to bring your own technical gear for trekking to ensure it meets your particular needs. It is simply not worth skimping on quality boots or using makeshift walking sticks. If you have made the effort to travel halfway around the world, don’t allow your ambitions to be destroyed by the wrong gear.

Due to the altitude, it can be cold in the Bhutanese mountains even in the summer; make sure you have equipped yourself with quality clothing. Like they say, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.”