About Nikaya Yoga


Nikaya Yoga:

A studio focussed on the mind-body connection. A space for a 60/90 minute disconnection from the realities of your day, to focus on self care. A calm peaceful environment that aids you to turn the focus inward. Recalibrate, restore and rejuvenate.

A physical practice that helps you release backed up tension, connect to your breath and give your body and mind a boost of oxygen. Teaching you how to gain control and master your breath  ergo prana or your life energy. 

A sound body and mind to help us navigate through life. 

A dynamic breath focussed practice that guides you through a series of asanas to move your energies. To set you on your path of inner self discovery with out forcing you with one path or system

A space to explore your own fluidity and places where we hold ourselves back.

Learn how to find your centre, work and keep your balance

About Namrata:

Namrata Sudhindra has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. Trained in the classical Hatha Yoga style, her first teacher was from the Bihar school and has been hugely influential in Namrata’s style of practice. She received Teacher’s Certificate from The Vivekananda University (SVYASA), and has a degree in advanced Hatha Yoga from Yoga Master Bharat Shetty in Mysore.

Namrata’s passion for yoga and her constant need to evolve has seen her practice with and learn from great teachers like Manuso Manuso, Shiva Rea, Tara Stiles, Mohan Bhandari, Gulnaaz and Bharat Shetty. An unflappable demeanour, a past career as dentist which gives a valuable insight into the physical and nutritional aspects of practice, and a natural empathy make her a much sought after teacher in the country.

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Namrata offers bespoke engagements and classes:

Private Classes and Group Sessions
Did you know that standing asanas help to build inner fire? That in the summer, asanas closer to the ground keep you cooler? Namrata formats her classes according to the weather, and the time of day. Morning practice energizes and her evening classes have 20 minutes of wind down time. Whether you take one-on-one sessions with her or participate in her vibrant and fun group classes, you’ll find immense benefits to your body and soul.

Prenatal Yoga
Specialized yoga for pregnancy can give you a healthier term, keeping you active, minimizing discomfort, even impacting morning sickness and constipation, and ensuring easier childbirth. Namrata has trained in pre-natal yoga and will help you through this sometimes disorienting phase with gentle guidance.

Health and Wellness consulting
Namrata offers her services as a health and wellness coach to individuals and corporates. She has modules that work effectively to prevent lifestyle diseases among people with stressful jobs, allowing them a calming outlet, and helping them drive change in their lives. She customizes programmes for her clients which thread mindfulness through their everyday lives, releasing optimum nutrition and fitness, building motivation and energetic endeavour, all with a supremely positive attitude to life and living well.

Namrata can create programmes for in house engagements or company off-sites. She trains coaches in health and wellness as well.