Nikaya Yoga's
Jawai Retreat

FEBRUARY 23-26, 2017

Located in the heart of Arravalli Hills, in Rajasthan, between the ancient kingdoms of Jodhpur and Udaipur lies Jawai.
Jawai’s beautifully remote location, combined with the unique flavour and customs of this area, provide an entirely
different, rural wildlife experience from other parts of Rajasthan. There is an abundance of heritage around for those
also keen on the cultural side of things. Another thing Rajasthan is known for is their clear night skies. A perfect
opportunity to gaze at a star-lit sky, a rarity in over-crowded cities. 

Travel to Jawai for a yoga and star-gazing retreat with Nikaya Yoga to experience nature as it was intended. 


Nikaya Yoga Jawai Highlights:

• Safari to Bera: Ancient temple visit
• Bera tiger safari
• Star-gazing

• Staying in traditional Rajasthani accommodations.
• Trip to Rankapur Jain Temple
• Yoga in beautiful wild settings

Jawai Retreat Accommodation & Rates

The Nikaya Yoga Jawai Retreat offers flexible rates for both individuals and groups. In association with certified
travel partners, we ensure the best of Bhutan, with professionals from start to finish.Kindly fill out the form
below with your details and requirements and we will get back to you with ASAP.

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Namrata Sudhindra, Teacher of Hatha
Yoga has been practicing yoga for the
last 15 years. Trained in the classical
Hatha Yoga Style, her first teacher was from the Bihar school and has been
hugely influential in Namrata’s style of practice. Having also studied at and attained a Teacher’s Certificate from
The Vivekananda University (SVYASA), Namrata has her degree in advanced
Hatha Yoga from Yoga Master Bharat Shetty in Mysore. Her dedication and constant thirst for learning has seen her practice with some great teachers from around the world like Manuso Manuso, Shiva Rea, Tara Stiles, Mohan Bhandari, Gulnaaz and Bharat Shetty.

Jawai Yoga Retreat

Prepare for your retreat in Rajasthan

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